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Almajdouie Changan participated in the most influential car festival in the Middle East “Autoville” festival brought together a lot of special activities under one roof

by Changan Team

Posted on 23/01/2022

Riyadh, Jan 17, 2022 – Almajdouie Motors Company, the authorized distributor of Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, participated in the Saudi International Festival of Motoring (Autoville), which was organized by the Saudi Conventions and Exhibitions General Authority from January 8 to 14, 2022 at Dirab Motor Park in the capital, Riyadh.
Autoville is a journey full of action, adventure, and fun. Autoville, is an unusual motor celebration as it gathers motor enthusiasts of all ages without exception, everyone can participate in this global festival, which is considered the strongest in the Middle East, as it contains unlimited and great energy full of activity and enthusiasm, especially in light of the presence of car racing circuits that increase the strength of performance in motor racing, in addition to strong performances that are directly presented.
Based on its general policy of participating in various public events to be as close as possible to its customers, Almajdouie Changan Company participated in “Autoville” festival in Riyadh, where it showcased a distinctive bouquet of various Changan models available in the Kingdom’s markets, including “CS95”, “CS85”, “CS75Plus, EADO Plus, Alsvin as well as the Hunter model. The company also displayed the innovative “UNI” models that are still under study, in virtue of the company’s desire to keep its consumer in the Kingdom acquainted with the technical developments that the company has achieved in the automotive industrial sector…
On the other hand, Almajdouie Changan Company showcased Changan “CS35 Plus” after being subject to a major facelift. The displaying of this highly sophisticated model at the motor show that was held within the “Autoville” activities in Riyadh, came at the request of many customers who wanted to see closely the many updates that they were adopted and incorporated into this distinctive model, which placed it at the top of its class. Noting that the “CS35 Plus” model was launched during the Jeddah International Motor Show, which was held early last month in Jeddah.
Commenting on this special occasion, Yousef bin Ali Almajdouie, President of Almajdouie Group, said: “Our participation in the “Autoville” festival comes within the framework of our constant endeavor to be always present at any public event of interest to the community of which we are part of and serve it. Changan cars have become, thanks to Allah Almighty, very well known in the Saudi market, and we trust that it is our duty to be a part of every public event related to cars to give our customers the opportunity to be familiar with everything new, whether in terms of the models we offer to the market or the services we provide to them.”
Autoville is considered the most powerful motor festival in the Middle East, and it included many events and activities related to cars, including, the speed track with the participation of 50 cars and motorcycles that travel at very high speeds, in addition to the exhibition of technically advanced cars, where a wide range of the latest cars was displayed. A track was also dedicated for the test-drive sessions, where the festival visitors test-drove cars of their own choice, this is in addition to many car-related activities. The festival was concluded with a special concert featuring the most famous international artists.