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Driving forward with pilotless Raeton

by Changan Team

Posted on 02/03/2016

As technology is getting increasingly advanced, Automobile is not an exception toward intelligentization. Just take a look at the input in pilotless driving field from all automobile enterprises, pilotless driving has become an essential and strategic part in auto industry.


This April, starting from Chongqing to Beijing along the expressway of 1934km, Changan will test a pilotless Raeton and consequently participate in the Beijing Auto Show.


In Changan Automobile, four stages are divided in the pilotless driving field. In the first stage, which has been completed, Changan developed the application technology such as adaptive cruise control and semi-automatic parking system. In the second stage, Changan will realize the automation of combined functions such as integrated adaptive cruise control, automatic parking system and intelligent terminal 4.0 in 2018. In the third stage, Changan will realize part of pilotless driving like the pilotless driving on expressway. In the fourth stage, Changan will realize the completely pilotless driving of automobile and make it industrialized in application in 2025. At present, Changan has completed the tests in first and second stages such as adaptive cruise control from 0km to 150km per hour and lane keeping assist system. These technologies are expected to be applied in part of vehicles of Changan at the end of this year.