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Almajdouie Changan announces the arrival of the new pick up “Hunter” to its Showrooms in the KSA

by Changan Team

Posted on 06/03/2021

For the first time in the Middle East

Almajdouie Changan announces the arrival of the new pick up “Hunter” to its Showrooms in the KSA

Dammam, March 06, 2021 – Almajdouie Motors Company, the authorized distributor of Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, announced the official launch of the new and improved Changan “Hunter” truck, to complement the range of Changan models that run on the roads of the Kingdom.

Changan truck “Hunter”, whose name was inspired by the Truck’s mighty capabilities, maneuverability, endurance, strength and speed on all types of roads and under various climatic conditions, with the physical and muscular qualities, capabilities and the high flexibility enjoyed by hunting predators in jungles and deserts.

The new “Hunter” truck comes with a 1.9-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine producing 150 hp and 350 Newton-meters of torque partied with a 6-speed manual transmission. This remarkable truck was built on a large wheelbase of up to 3180 mm, and measures 5330 mm long, 1930 mm wide and 1835 mm height, and it is able to carry a weight of up to 1000 kg. The new “Hunter” truck is equipped with all safety and security measures and modern driving systems that provide a smooth ride and enhanced performance, which are not available on competing models.

The new truck, Changan Hunter is jointly built by Changan Auto and PSA (Peugeot Citroen), which is one of the largest commercial vehicle brands in Europe. Hunter has incorporated both sides advantage into design, test and production and represents a new global generation reflects the Chinese-European cooperation.

On the global level, Changan “Hunter” is described as a distinctive new generation of trucks that are characterized by strong capabilities and a very impressive exterior design with a practical and comfortable interior. All this is a result of the strong support of the research and development centers of Changan and the European Coalition, as well as the result of the work of more than 1000 technical experts in the field of research and development for several years in various regions of the world.

Changan new truck “Hunter” is currently available for sale in Saudi Arabia in four variants, “Omega” (4WD), “Omega” (2WD), “Sigma” and “Delta”, and the price of “Omega” model starts from SR. 56,900, excluding VAT.