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Good News from Changan’s 2016 International Rally Team

by Changan Team

Posted on 28/03/2016

Eado XT Wins Second Place and Qualifies for the Paraguay National Rally


Changan Automobile is winning one victory after another in 2016 international rally racing. After taking first place in the first leg of Peru National Rally on February 28, the Eado XT again won second place at the qualifying race for the Paraguay National Rally. 燭his second place qualified Changan for a great season of rally racing in Paraguay, and allowed the Eado XT to flex its racing muscles. The Eado XT Rally team is now in preparation for the Paraguay National Rally campaign.


On March 2, 2016 in Paraguay, Changan Automobile rally driver Tico Maune competed and took second in the Class 9 race challenge with his Eado XT. 燘y taking second, Tico and his Eado XT qualified for the remaining Class 9 races at the Paraguay National Raltion found at international rally events is the place Changan chooses to prove the strength and durability of its designs. In the qualifying race for the Paraguay rally, the Eado XT demonstrated the exceptional maneuverability and reliability needed to qualify the Changan race team for the 2016 racing season.

This year’s Paraguay National Rally consists of nine legs, lasting from early March to late November. Each leg of this race serier and vehicle. Changan and Changan’s international dealer partners wish the brave Tico Maune and his Eado XT all the best this racing season.