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Almajdouie – Changan supports traffic safety and launches “Life Is Precious” campaign

by Changan Team

Posted on 18/04/2018

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Almajdouie Motors, the authorized distributor for Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, announced the launch of their traffic awareness campaign under the slogan “Life Is Precious”, a contribution for wide spreading of using of seatbelt culture, as well as non-using of mobile phone while driving and non-high speed driving. The campaign aims at   providing protection for the driver, the car users and all road users.

The launch of Almajdouie – Changan “Life Is Precious” campaign came within the general framework of the company’s social responsibility to serve the community in which they operate, as well for the protection of lives, car users and road users in general.

Although modern automotive developments and the adoption of many safety and security systems in cars, however, the human role is still the most prominent role in providing protection for everyone, since the use of seatbelts is the safest way for the protection of the driver and passenger in the case of collision or sudden stop. Also, stop using a mobile phone while driving, as well as driving with reasonable speed are key factors in reducing the number of accidents. Statistics have recorded that many fatal injuries were caused by body reflux and front knock over as a consequence of the strength of the shock made by high speed driving, plus inattention because of using a mobile phone while driving, resulting in death or severe harm.

Seatbelt’s ability to maintain the driver or passenger in place, protecting it from impact or hurling away outside the car, contributes to reduce the degree of injury and may prevent death. Looking through various car accidents, it was noticed that   using of seatbelt has contributed by over 90% in protecting of car users, and that a lot of fatal injuries could be avoided if the car users have fastened their seat belts. The use of seat belts may become the difference between life and death, so all car users must fasten their seatbelts even when driving for short distances in the city.

On this occasion, Mohammed Bin Ali Almajdouie, MD of Almajdouie Motor – Changan, commented on the launch of “Life Is Precious” campaign by saying:” We have set up this campaign in contribution of spreading the use of seatbelt culture, as well as non-usage of a mobile phone while driving, and also driving at sensible speeds, as being major factors for the protection of car users in particular and road users in general. This is in addition to raise awareness and commitment to road safety measures, traffic rules and regulations to get to zero rate in traffic accidents. Unluckily, we experience a bunch of injured people whom their injuries could have been averted by using seat belts and driving in reasonable speeds.”