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Changan Starts a 2000 km Test of its Advanced Autonomous Raeton

by Changan Team

Posted on 23/04/2016

Witnessed by hundreds of reporters, Changan’s autonomous Raeton departed from the city of Chongqing (China) on April 12th, 2016. When completed, this will be China’s first long distance self-driving vehicle test, and the world’s (so far) second longest autonomous vehicle journey. This autonomous Raeton will arrive in Beijing by traveling through cities like Xi’an and Zhengzhou. More than 2000 km will be covered in this test.



During this expedition, Changan’s autonomous Raeton will test features such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) for stop and go traffic, single lane autonomous driving, highway traffic congestion assistance, automatic lane-changing, automatic passing (when the driver requests this maneuver), and automatic recognition of highway speed limit signs.


Changan is devoted to providing its customers with the most up-to-date vehicle technologies, in order to provide the best possible driving experience. Through our drive to build advanced autonomous technologies, Changan has created technologies that benefit today’s vehicles. We offer advanced technologies on our Raeton and CS75 vehicles such as: panoramic camera views of the vehicle’s surroundings when parking, and lane change and lane departure warning systems. By the end of 2016, Changan will offer ACC, an automatic emergency braking system, a front collision warning system and automatic parking assistance system on the Raeton, CS75, Eado, CS35 and other select mass production models.


In accordance with Changan’s 2025 autonomous vehicle development roadmap, Changan’s autonomous vehicles will achieve a significant level autonomous functionality by 2018. By 2020, Changan will have cumulatively invested nearly $760 million USD on all aspects of our autonomous vehicle program in order to bring our drivers a better driving future.