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Almajdouie-Changan bags three international prestigious awards Highest growth, best customers’ satisfaction and top brand promotion

by Changan Team

Posted on 03/05/2018



Riyadh, May 3, 2018
Almajdouie Motors, the authorized distributor for Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, gets three international prestigious awards from Changan Automobile. This great winning was announced at the annual Changan Dealers Conference, which was held in Beijing, where Almajdouie Motors clinched the title of the best car dealer achieved first fastest growth in the market over a short period of time, and the best dealer in terms of customer satisfaction and brand promotion. This honoring came in recognition of Almajdouie Motors Company’s efforts in introducing Changan cars and brand to the Saudi market, and achieving the highest growth level in less than two years.

Almajdouie Motors Company-Changan achieved significant market share of the Saudi automotive market of more than 2% despite its recency in Saudi Arabia for less than two years, thanks to the strict implementation of the company’s strategic plans that had been planned when Almajdouie Motors got the dealership of Changan for Saudi Arabia. The launch of Changan cars started from the Eastern region, where the company’s headquarters is located, and afterwards expanded into other regions through the opening of integrated centers that offer comprehensive services for Changan cars, including modern showrooms, advanced and fully equipped service facilities, allowing the company to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Over the past two years, Almajdouie-Changan launched many marketing and promotional campaigns, which helped to spread and promote the brand, making it the customer first choice. The large presence in the Saudi roads reflects the success of these ongoing campaigns, and thus qualified the company to claim the first place in the brand promotion and enhancement category.

Meanwhile, statistics have shown that Changan cars have achieved substantial growth despite the fierce competition in the Saudi market. The company’s ability to achieve this growth; reflects the trust of the Saudi consumer in Changan cars, after the practical experience proved them to be modern, sophisticated and powerful cars, this is in addition to the unlimited support provided by Almajdouie Motors through offering soft credit sales schemes and outstanding after sale services.

Commenting on getting these three prestigious awards, Mohammed Bin Ali Almajdouie, MD of Almajdouie-Changan, said:” Since day one of our dealership agreement, we developed an integrated marketing plan and expand and strengthen consumer trust in these distinctive cars. We have reached our goals, thanks to God Almighty. We, as well, have achieved a high acceptance and significant market share. We will continue our efforts to maintain what we have achieved, as well as to achieve more progress and development for the best interest of client in Saudi Arabia in the first place. “