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After driving 20,000 km in extreme high temperature “Changan” cars achieve a huge success in the “Extreme Heat Challenge” campaign

by Changan Team

Posted on 30/09/2017

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Dammam, September 19, 2017- “Extreme Heat Challenge” campaign, which was launched by Almajdouie Motors, the  authorized dealer for Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, posted a huge success after the participating cars drove more than 20 thousand kilometers in extreme weather conditions, and temperature of more than 50 degrees Celsius in some areas.

In addition to a local group of veteran drivers and co-drivers, a group of experts from Changan Research and Development centers, who travelled to Saudi Arabia for this purpose, accompanied the convoy on its trip to assess and measure Changan cars capabilities to stand the harsh weather conditions and endure the extreme summer heat.

This convoy came as part of “Changan Extreme Heat Challenge” campaign organized by Almajdouie – Changan and consisted of several phases, including test-drive sessions on car race track, trans-Arabia trip, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates tour to challenge the region’s harshest climatic conditions at this time of the year.

The first phase was driving through Jeddah desert, specifically in “Bahra”, the area famous for its natural terrain and sand dunes, this phase lasted for a whole day, where the convoy drove 300 km in harsh climatic conditions. In the second phase, the convoy travelled trans-Arabia and visited a number of major cities, where it was scoured by a group of media reporters whom test-drove the cars to determine by themselves its strong performance. In the third phase, the convoy travelled to Kuwait and visited some of the capital monuments, while in phase four, the convoy travelled to United Arab Emirates, and visited Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al-Khaimah and “Jais Mountain”, the highest mountain in the UAE.

On this occasion, Mohammed Almajdouie, CEO of Almajdouie Motors – Changan, expressed his pride in the success of the campaign and its home safe return, and added that it has been a really exciting test challenge, and Changan cars succeeded in achieving the campaign goals. Almajdouie, as well, asserted that Changan cars proved itself as a strong competitor in the automotive sector in Saudi Arabia.

Noting that the experts team from Changan R&D centers in Japan, USA, UK, Italy and China who accompanied the convoy, maintained thorough and direct assessment on cars driving systems, including the engine, the air-conditioning, the gearbox, braking system, as well as the overall performance of the cars; to assess its operation and capabilities under the extreme harsh weather conditions, and the cars managed to achieve excellent results.