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Almajdouie Changan concluded “Extreme Heat Challenge 2020” tests

by Changan Team

Posted on 09/11/2020

For the 5th year in a row,
Almajdouie Changan concluded “Extreme Heat Challenge 2020” tests


Almajdouie Motors Company, the authorized distributor of Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, has announced the conclusion of its “Extreme Heat Challenge 2020” experience, which the company organizes every year in Saudi Arabia to test the durability and toughness of Changan’s future models and their ability to operate under very high temperatures and different driving conditions.

During its experiments this year and in a unique gesture of its kind, Almajdouie Motors Company hired the beloved Saudi star Ahmed Al-Jarr to present a program consisting of several episodes of social media pages in order to promote domestic tourism in Saudi Arabia under the slogan #VisitSaudi, which represented an added value of fun and excitement. The company, as well, utilized the services of a specialized team from the parent company to lead and test the future Changan models under difficult and harsh climatic conditions where the temperature reached 50°C, as well as in difficult driving conditions such as the mountainous roads of the southern provinces such as Almuhammadiyah in Taif, Alsama’a and Dheli’a in Abha.

As planned, the 18-day journey began from Dammam city in the eastern province towards Hafr Al-Batin Arar, Rafah and then Al-Qaryat in the northern region to Tabuk, and then to Neom, the future city in the northwestern Saudi Arabia down to the west coast line through the tourist province of Amloj, Yanbu and then the Bride of the Red Sea, Jeddah.

The journey completed its rout, which aims to promote domestic tourism in Saudi Arabia, and reach King Abdullah Economic City, then headed to Taif and towards the southwest region of Al-Baha, Abha Al Bahia, and Jizan, then toward the central region of the kingdom, Riyadh the capital and Qassim, and back to Dhahran in the eastern province.



Through the experiment, Changan models undergone different driving conditions in addition to passing through severe climate fluctuations and great variation in weather, where Changan models were able to bypass all kinds of roads including unpaved and sandy roads, however, the performance of Changan cars was distinguished and not different from their performance on paved roads in urban areas.

Changan models have been able to maintain their impressive performance even under very high temperatures, such diversity in driving conditions had allowed the technical team participating in the journey to clearly recognize the capabilities of these models, which had been able to exceed their expectations,  as well as their distinctive ability to climb steep heights, down from steep slopes and stability in turns, and the ability of the engine to respond to driving requirements while maintaining its normal temperature. The technical team, as well, conducted a lot of experiments on the cars’ various electronic driving systems adopted on Changan modern models, where such driving systems have turned out to be able to work under the harshest climatic conditions.

On this occasion, Yousef bin Ali Almajdouie, president of Almajdouie group, said: “For the 5th time in a row, we are collaborating with the parent company Changan to organize the “Extreme Heat Challenge”, which aims mainly to expose the future Changan models to different driving conditions with field trials to

get a closer look at the capabilities of the models to work and perform, and as expected, the strong and durable Changan models were able to exceed the technical team’s expectations”.

He added, “I would also like to point out here that the trip was a good occasion to introduce the tourist areas that our beloved Kingdom abounds in, which the convoy passed through.”