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Changan CS95 gets “Car of the Year” award from Saudi Auto magazine

by Changan Team

Posted on 12/12/2018



Almajdouie Motors, the authorized distributor for Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, announced the winning of Changan car model CS95 of “Car of the Year” award from Saudi Auto magazine, the renowned Saudi automotive magazine. The publisher and editor in chief of Saudi Auto magazine presented the award to Mohammed Almajdouie, CEO of Almajdouie Automotive Company – Changan, during the opening ceremony of the 40th edition the Saudi International Motor Show.

The winning of Changan CS95 of this distinctive Award from Saudi Auto magazine, represents a new addition to this car, which has been launched earlier this year, and represents, as well, a strong local recognition added to its record of worldwide recognition in view of its high level of specifications, characteristics, advanced technologies and modern driving systems.

Commenting on awarding this prestigious award to Changan CS95, publisher and editor in chief of Saudi Auto magazine, Bakur Azher, said that this car represents a breakthrough for its 4X4 SUV category. CS95 beats all other model entries in areas including: general design; comfort; safety; fuel economy; handling and road worthiness; performance; functionality; innovations; driver satisfaction; price; and overall value for money.

He added: “Theall-new Changan CS95 delivers an impressive combination of power, capability and efficiency – from advanced materials that improve durability and inhibit corrosion, faster processors that enhance driving performance, to breakthrough cargo management and towing solutions, as well as the latest driving assistance systems which enhance the car performance.”

He concluded by saying: ““The Changan CS95 was a clear winner for us, not only because it ticked all the boxes, but because it stood out thanks to its intrinsic and overall quality.“The all-new Changan CS95 is one of the hottest contenders in the 4×4 segment and truly deserves this award. The Changan CS95 redefines expectations from vehicles in its category of mid-sized SUV vehicles.”

Meanwhile, Mohammed bin Ali Almajdouie, MDof Almajdouie Motors Company – Changan, commented about Changan CS95 award by saying:” It was not surprising that this model wins the award of Saudi Auto magazine, the prestigious and renowned magazine in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world which features extensive experience in the automotive world.This model had lots and lots of awards from various parties working in the automotive area, making it the most award-winning Changan model.These awards come in recognition of its stylish and elegant design, advanced driving assistance systems and highly sophisticated specifications which were limited to luxury models. I can say that this car deserved this award despite the big competition. We and Changan Motors will always meet the needs of our customers.”