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Almajdouie Changan launches the highest sophisticated Changan “CS35 Plus” model

by Changan Team

Posted on 16/12/2021

In conjunction with its participation in Jeddah International Motor Show

Almajdouie Changan launches the highest sophisticated Changan “CS35 Plus” model

Almajdouie Motors Company, the authorized distributor of Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, announced that its Changan stand has been the main attraction point for visitors to the Jeddah International Motor Show, as visitors flock to Changan stand throughout the days of the show.


Almajdouie Changan participated in the show with a distinguished banquette of new Changan cars in addition to models of advanced futuristic cars, which formed the main attraction of the stand-in particular, where the company showcased a group of modern and advanced Changan  2022 models, including  “CS95”, “CS85”, “CS75 Plus” “CS35 Plus”, “EADO Plus”, “Alsvin” and also “Hunter” model, which is a pioneer in the pickup truck category and recently won 9th PR Arabia National Auto Award for the automotive sector as the best pickup truck in Saudi Arabia.


On the sidelines of this participation, Almajdouie Changan Company launched the “CS35 Plus” model with face-life updates, which constitutes a major breakthrough in the automotive industry. The model is equipped with a 1.4-liter engine with a turbocharger that produces 156 horsepower and torque of 260 Nm, parted with a seven-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The CS35 Plus model also features many modern and advanced driving systems in addition to safety and security systems, making it the best-in-class model, as well as its elegant exterior and spacious interior.


In a special section of the stand, models of future Changan cars were showcased, including “UNI-T” and “UNI-K” models, which are considered a high-level qualitative leap in the automotive industry worldwide, and these two models mark the beginning of a new series of Changan cars under the name “Uni”, the company aims by launching this new series to target a new category of customers of the prestigious Changan brand.


On the other hand, the eye-catching design of Changan stand attracted great admiration of visitors, as the stand was distinguished by its spacious area of 1,600 square meters on two floors, making it the largest stand in the show, in addition to its distinctive design that reflected Changan’s global identity.

The Changan cars showcasing style came to complete this amazing success story. The displayed cars were distributed beautifully and comfortably, and provided the opportunity for all visitors to closely view the displayed cars and speak freely with the company representatives, who were very pleased with the interaction of the visitors and their desires, but rather their urgency to be acquainted of all information related to Changan cars available in the local market. In addition to many inquiries that, if indicative of anything, indicate the awareness of the local consumer, many visitors inquired about credit and cash sales offers, maintenance programs, and the availability of spare parts and other after-sales services.


Noting that Almajdouie Changan Company has strengthened its presence in the local market to meet the increasing demand for Changan cars after it has proven its strength and capability to operate under various driving conditions and harsh climatic conditions. The company has opened several integrated centers in the main cities in the Kingdom, including, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam, in addition to appointing a group of authorized distributors in several regions around the Kingdom, in appreciation of its customers and to be as close as possible to them.


On the occasion of closing Changan’s participation in Jeddah International Motor Show, Yousef bin Ali Almajdouie, President of Almajdouie Group, said: “The participation of Changan cars in the Jeddah International Motor Show was more than wonderful. The presence of Changan cars in the show had a great impact on the number of visitors to the show, where the traffic was very intense and was not completely expected, through which, we were able to identify many consumer trends and identify some of the main points that they are looking for, which is a valuable opportunity for the public to learn about modern Changan cars. In general, it was an excellent opportunity for us to communicate face to face with the actual and the potential customer of Changan cars.”