CS35 Plus

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CS35 Plus Sign Language Specifications

1.4T | 158 hp | 260 N·m


7 Speed DCT


The All-new Changan CS35 PLUS

With more than 38 new features and upgrades from the latest cutting-edge technology delivering unparalleled
driving pleasure, comfortable enjoyment and extraordinary quality.

  • Black armor-style lattice grille
  • Whale tail shape elements
  • Dual sports exhaust
  • Automatic headlights & intelligent lighting

Drive freely with the efficient powertrain system

Super power controls the direction of life

  • Blue Core 1.4T full aluminum alloy engine with direct injection in cylinder
  • 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, faster, smoother and more durable
  • Excellent chassis tuning, taking into account comfort and control
  • EPS (electronic power steering system) assists your smooth turns

Carefree driving – Never afraid

Fearless of potential risks and safety is always on guard

  • Equipped with “ACC with Stop/Go” adaptive cruise control
  • AEB intelligent auxiliary emergency braking system, intelligent care and worry-free travel
  • AVM 360°panoramic imaging system, all the blindspots are visible
  • BOSCH ESP 9.3 Electronic Stability Control system, easy to cope with all the road conditions

Smart screen and touch screen

  • Equipped with Incall 3.0 intelligent system, start your carefree car life

Extraordinary quality and comfortable enjoyment

An extraordinary texture shows the elegant temperament

  • Panoramic skylight, utterly silence increase the fun of driving
  • Forest Air forest air purification system
  • Leather seats, Spacious and comfortable driving space

Panoramic skylight, utterly silence that increases the fun of driving.

CS35 PLUS is equipped with the latest safety options, easy to cope with all the road conditions.

Drive freely with efficient technologies

Navigate safely anywhere on your part of the kingdom

7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission DCT

Blue Core 1.4 LT GDI full aluminum alloy engine with direct injection in cylinder, 7 speed dual clutch transmission that ensures an easy ride.



2023 Models
Trim Trend Smart Limited الفئة
Price without VAT 57,900 SAR 62,500 SAR 68,500 SAR سعر بدون الضريبة
Price with VAT 66,585 SAR 71,875 SAR 78,775 SAR السعر بعد الضريبة

CS35 Plus

Vehicle Specifications
Length X Width X Height 4,335 x 1,825 x 1,660 mm
Engine 1.4L Turbo GDI
Wheelbase 2600mm
Maximum Output 158 HP
Maximum Torque 260 Nm
Tires 55/215 R17 Alloy | 45/225 R18 Alloy
Fuel Tank Capacity 53 litres


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