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Hunter Sign Language Specifications

1.9L Turbo

Diesel Engine

6 Speeds Transmission Manual / Automatic


Maximum torque(N·m)

Perfect powertrain
that lasts with you

Changan Hunter takes you to the highest heights, and between all valleys.

  • 1.9 Turbo Diesel + 6-speed manual \ automatic, gearbox providing you with a smooth driving experience.
  • Electronic Stability Program ESP that improves HUNTER’s stability on/off roads.
  • Brake Assist System that increases the safety of your ride.

Intelligent driving system keeps you calm when you are on the road

Intelligent, drive at ease with everything under control.

  • Hill Start Assist Control (HHC)
  • Hill Descent Assist Control (HDC)

Impressive features

crafted with unmatched quality to provide you with a feeling of confidence.


  • Seats made with best materials to ensure your comfort
  • Strong lines of new generation design
  • A different driving experience underlies the quality and durability

HUNTER has a strong design with outstanding figure that Unassumingly shows off and surely it stands out of ordinary with:

  • The best in its category with cargo capacity up to 1 ton.
  • The highest safety technologies.
  • Interior that creates an exceptional driving experience.
  • With Hunter’s ground Top clearance a dynamic ride is granted.
  • Quality and durability that makes HUNTER your companion for every road.



2025 Model
Trim Omega 2WD MT Omega 4WD MT Omega 4WD AT Delta 4WD AT الفئة
Price without VAT 66,500 SAR 72,500 SAR 77,500 SAR 85,500 SAR سعر بدون الضريبة
Price with VAT 76,475 SAR 83,375 SAR 89,125 SAR 98,325 SAR السعر بعد الضريبة


Vehicle Specifications
Length X Width X Height 5330mm * 1930mm * 1835mm
Engine 1.9 Turbo Diesel Engine
Wheelbase 3180mm
Cargo Box (L X W X H) 1600mm * 1590mm * 510mm
Maximum Torque 350 Nm
Tires 65/265R17
Fuel Tank Capacity 80 litres

Full specifications, models and options are available in the brochure.


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