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CS95 Sign Language Specifications


Fashionable and bold

Charm is not only the appearance but also the expression of the inner temperament

  • Butterfly wing style front face,transmit a strong modern urban flavor
  • Energy-saving noise-canceling tire with dynamic multiple rims lift up the fashion quality
  • High quality interior decoration materials with precise craftsmanship
  • All series 12.3 inches High definition touch screen, easily complete the interaction between the man and the car

Equal attention to power and control

Acceleration is not only the acceleration of your career but also cares for your present state

  • Bluecore 2.0 T In-cylinder direct injection engine, full of power to match the heart of the strong
  • Aisin 6AT gearbox offers consistently smooth control
  • BorgWarner intelligent 4 wheel drive system, easy to deal with the miscellaneous road conditions
  • All series equipped with“hill descent system”, free to move and stop



Configuration fitted with enjoyment

Care is not only the responsibility but also the care of details

  • “Forest Air” air purification system ensures the fresh air all the way
  • High quality comfort seat, craftsmanship to create a comfortable experience
  • 10 Pioneer – Hi-Fi speakers release superior audio experience
  • Large-scale panoramic skylight, all the view can be seen

The harmony of humanity and Intelligence

Calm, keep balance and sobriety in life

  • Brand-new In-Call Intelligent vehicle interconnection system connects seamlessly with the world all the time
  • Adaptive Cruise system (ACC) can lead you to destination without holding onto your steering wheel
  • LCDA intelligent backward auxiliary system, no worries for driving



Symbiosis of Technology and Security

Love is not only the care, but also the guard of security

  • All series 360 °HD panoramic image, Omni-directional security escort
  • All series equipped with four-camera system
  • Front 4 airbags + the side air curtain build the security barrier


2.0T | 233hp | 360 N·m


6 Speed Automatic


BlueCore 2.0L T GDI Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection Engine

The first 2.0L Direct Injection Turbocharged engine independently researched and developed in China.

Maximum power
233hp at 5000-5500 rpm
Maximum torque
360Nm at 1750 – 3500 rpm

Aisin New Generation 6-speed Automatic Transmission

  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Comprehensive control functions
  • Efficient transmission performance
  • Fast shifting response
  • Advanced neutral gear function

Adaptive Cruise Control System

Equipped with Bosch medium-range radar MMR evo14, CS95 can detect forward vehicle. ACC system move-stop function with speed range from 0 to 150 Km/h guarantees CS95 to activate from stationary and also accelerate or decelerate intelligently. Keeping safe distance, stopping or moving following forward vehicle and adapting varies road conditions makes CS95 more easy to drive.

Lane Departure Warning System

Equipped with Bosch MPC2Plus camera, CS95 is able to identify the lane line and to warn drivers when deviating from the lane, preventing accidents from fatigue or distracting driving. The distance lights and passing lights can be switched intelligently when driving at night. CS95 can also automatically detect speed limit and avoid speeding when driving on express way.

AEB – Automatic Emergency Brake

The three intelligent functions, car distance warning, forward collision warning, and collision mitigation, equipped in CS95 can avoid or ease the collision by alarm and auxiliary braking.

High Quality Pioneer Audio System

CS95 is equipped with 10 Pioneer HiFi Speakers & DSP power amplifier to deliver fresh, new audio experiences to every passenger.
*Equipped with CS 95 Royal

Equipped with front and rear sensors as well as reverse cross traffic alert.


2023 Models
Trim Classic Platinum Royal الفئة
Price without VAT 95,900 SAR 103,900 SAR 113,900 SAR سعر بدون الضريبة
Price with VAT 110,285 SAR 119,485 SAR 130,985 SAR السعر بعد الضريبة


Vehicle Specifications
Length X Width X Height 4949mm * 1930mm * 1790mm
Engine BlueCore 2.0L T GDI Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection Engine
Wheelbase 2810mm
Maximum Output 233 HP at 5000-5500 rpm
Maximum Torque 360 Nm at 1750-3500 rpm
Tires 55/245 R19 Alloy Wheels
Fuel Tank Capacity 74 litres

Full specifications, models and options are available in the brochure.


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