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Genuine service parts

Changan genuine service parts are manufactured according to exacting standards specifically for your vehicle. Changan parts are extensively tested to guarantee your car’s durability, safety and performance.

Changan genuine parts can only be found at authorized Changan dealers. When your car’s performance and your safety are involved, accept no substitutes. Changan Genuine Service Parts.

Changan Factory Warranty

Important notes:

• We recommend the customer to perform the necessary periodic maintenance as specified in Changan – Almajdouie warranty and maintenance schedule booklet and to use the original spare parts and appropriate oils to ensure a joyful customer experience.

• The warranty does not include any defects resulting from negligence or misusage, as mentioned in the booklet.

• The warranty starts at the selling date of the car.

• The policy only applies to cars imported into the Saudi market through an authorized agent in the Kingdom.

• Please note that any imported car that arrives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without a license plate (non-plated) is not eligible for warranty coverage within the Kingdom. To qualify as eligible for warranty service, the vehicle must be registered and plated, whether the registration occurs outside or inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Routine Maintenance Schedule

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Changan Maintenance & Spare Parts List

List of Authorized Spare Parts Dealers

Dealer NameAreaContact NumberLocation
Al Mhohrkat Al ArabiaJeddah - KM20559823813 | 0555470810
Sawaed Al Watan Jeddah - Showrooms street
0126207691 | 0569309511
Al Taif - Industrial area 0543769275 | 0551653025
Jeddah - Assfan0555440954
Al BashrawiQateef - Riyadh street920008401
Al ShoalahTabouk 0501779445
Khames Mushat - Industrial area 0553172495
Jazan - Industrial area0552150671
Al Madinah - King Abdullah road0541552603
Al Haddad Est Al Riyadh - Am Al Hamam Industrial0533374798
Al Baher Al GharbiAl Dammam Al Khodaria0532595458
Al Hassa - Industrial area0135935004
Al Dammam Al Mohamadia0138913188
Al Athmah - Dhahran AutoAl Thoqba0595506245
Dawood Al SyahJubail0564837706
RawasiAl Riyadh - Al Naseem0590452618 | 0533726200
Al Riyadh - Capital Industrial exit 280540007956
Zawaya Al NahdaAl Riyadh - Al Mousa Industrial0557242450 | 0557094830
SMOUKhames Mushat - abha street920008775
Jazan - jazan street
Shrooq Al WeaamArrar - King Fahad Road0550150215
Saad Al QaeedAl Riyadah old Industrial0561775269
Al NofaiyAl Taif - Industrial area 0548318905
Master MotorAl Hassa- King Fahad Road - Beside Aramex0503599953
Estlm ( Al Janoob )Al Dammam - King Fahad Road0558888676
Al Sharq Auto PartsAl Riyadh - Old Industrial0503466203
Al AmalJeddah - Bani Malek0552640146
Noor Al NahdaHafar Al Baten0500140770
Hatem Al SafiAl Baha - Bajrshi - Maqmoor0554241266
Al HabeebQateef - turki Industrial0566698388
AlMass alsharqyahQateef - Alhadlah0541614855
Aldosri spare partsAl-Thoqba0533764371
AlkuthairiHafer Albaten0503209976
Skaka Aljouf0552347556
Al Zulfi8003044442
Hadi Amera
Al-Dammam Al-khodaria‏‪0548783099 / 0138373011
Jeddah - Bany Malek
Alhumaid Cars Company Riyadh920019992
Changan SmouJizan920008775
Balubaid Cars CompanyTaif0558034230
Al-Janoub for Cars
Changan Ghazi JameelMakkah0541477485
Al-Qassim0531901018 / 0531901033