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CS85 Sign Language Specifications

2.0 T





Maximum torque(N·m)

Stylish design
Outstanding figure

Unassumingly shows off boldness and glamour
Not condescending, but stands out of ordinary

  • Sport coupe design gives an irresistible charm
  • The star diamond headlamp gives out a dazzling light
  • Encircling cabin to create an interstellar driving experience
  • Nebula wheel hub shows the full dynamic and tension

Perfect powertrain
releases full passion

Move, fast as water falling off the high mountains
Stop, quiet as the tranquil deep sea.


  • Bluecore 2.0 T + Aisin 8 AT – perfect dynamic combination
    creates extraordinary acceleration
  • Bosch Electronic stable braking system keep you calm while driving
  • All series electronic gear shift creates a smooth driving sense
  • Fantastic suspension system performance makes the driving journey fun

Luxury and exquisite character

Born fastidious with light extravagant quality
Focus on both outside and inside, with a sense of pride

  • 48 excellent suppliers worldwide ensure the great quality
  • Luxury sports seat, perfect fusion of wrapping feeling and sports sense
  • “Forest Air” air purification system ensures the quality car life
  • High quality driving experience, the comfort comes from the pursuit of details

Intelligent driving system keeps
you calm when you are on the road

Intelligent, drive at ease with everything under control
Calm, drive with enjoyment and comfort

  • Tencent TAI vehicle intelligent system makes the car smart and charming
  • IACC integrated adaptive cruise system makes autopilot possible
  • APA4.0 auto parking system, easy to solve the parking problems
  • LCDA Parallel Auxiliary system to improve driving Safety

Powerful Design Profile

  • Aggressive front with butterfly grille
  • Stream line from engine hood to side body makes the car more dynamic

LED Lights

  • Crystal LED headlamp
  • Matrix LED fog lamp

Sporty Back Design

  • Aerodynamics Design
  • Through type brake light
  • Ruby LED taillight

Sporty Details

  • Quad exhaust pipe
  • High quality trim design


  • Large space
    over 2700mm wheelbase and 950mm head space
  • Embracing cabin

Modern luxury interior

  • Fancy ambient LED lights with 64 colors to choose from
  • High quality leather, metal, stitching
  • Ergonomic dynamic seats
    • 8-Way electronically adjustable
    • Seat Heating and Ventilation
    • Seat Memory

Quiet, Clean, Healthy Space

  • Leading NVH technology
  • Dual-zone A/C control
  • Forest air purification system

Driver’s Comfort

  • D-shaped multifunction steering wheel with flat bottomed design gives more space for driver’s leg
  • Yacht-style gearshift lever, ergonomic design with high quality leather, chrome and piano painting

Accessible Cabin Design

  • Humanized console layout
    Touch button & mechanical button with piano-style design
  • Practical 29 storage spaces
    trunk space 418L
    4/6 split rear seat

LCD Instrument Cluster

  • Full LCD 10.25 inch cluster
    1920 * 720 high-resolution LCD screen
    75% high color saturation
    Various themes

LCD Central Console

  • Retinal-level 12.3 inch touch screen
    1920 * 720 high-resolution

Electronic Keys

  • Remote Keys with engine start function

Electronic Tailgate

  • Electrical remote controlled tailgate

Advance Driver Assistance System

  • Reverse Warning
  • Driving Record
  • ACC
  • Auto Headlights (High beam switching)
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • AVM
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Automatic Parking Assist + Remote Parking
  • 360 Degrees Panoramic Camera
  • LDQ & LCA

BlueCore 2.0L T GDI Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection Engine

The first 2.0L Direct Injection Turbocharged engine independently researched and developed in China.

Maximum power
233hp at 5000-5500 rpm
Maximum torque
360Nm at 1750 – 3500 rpm


Fuel Efficiency
7.9 L / 100 KM
0-100 KM/h in 7.5 seconds

Aisin 3rd Generation 8-speed Automatic Transmission

  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Comprehensive control functions
  • Efficient transmission performance
  • Fast shifting response
  • Advanced neutral gear function



2023 Model
Trim Limited الفئة
Price without VAT 99,999 SAR سعر بدون الضريبة
Price with VAT 114.999 SAR السعر بعد الضريبة


Vehicle Specifications
Length X Width X Height 4720mm * 1845mm * 1665mm
Engine BlueCore 2.0L T GDI Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection Engine
Wheelbase 2705mm
Maximum Output 233 HP at 5000-5500 rpm
Maximum Torque 360 Nm at 1750-3500 rpm
Tires 225/55 R19 Alloy Wheels
Fuel Tank Capacity 58 litres

Full specifications, models and options are available in the brochure.


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